Pushkala Venkatachalam


About Me:

I am Pushkala Venkatachalam updating my travel experiences in this blog.  I am a yoga practitioner, traveller, book reader and now a blogger too. I was a banker by profession and was in the banking industry for 5 years. I resigned my job to spend time with my kids. Now, I am a stay-at-home-mom with two cute little kids.

My family often travels and explores new places in India and Abroad. We are very much excited and happy to experience new culture, different local food etc. when we visit a new place. I exactly do not recollect when I started writing diary regularly. However, I used to write my day details in my diary before I sleep. One day, i had a thought to write my travel experiences on a website. As I have little free time for me, I thought this is the better idea to start a travel blog. I update my travel experiences with some tips on travelling with elders and kids.

About Blog:

This blog has basic trip guidance such as details from travel to accommodation to food etc. Also, this blog has how we planned our trip and our experiences during the trip.  Apart from the out station trips, I update local site visits also. Hope this blog helps in your trip planning.

Thank you. Happy Reading.