Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad

Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad, India

Ananthagiri hills is dense forest located in Vikarabad area in Rangareddy district. Located 90 km away from Hyderabad, tourists can plan a day trip. Travel by four wheeler is the best option to choose from Hyderabad and packing lunch is a good idea. Ananthagiri hills is named after the Anantha padmanabha swamy temple located in the same area. This trip is for people who wants to go on long drive but close to hyderabad and who prefers to stay close to nature.

How to reach:

Ananthagiri hills can be easily reached by four wheeler from Hyderabad. After crossing Hyderabad outskirts, large farm fields of Jowar, corn and vegetables can be seen on roadside. This is good experience for people who live in concrete jungles to stay close to nature. Local farmers sell freshly plucked vegetables such as bitter gourd, Bottle gourd etc. on roadside. We bought some veggies on road side from local vegetable farmers and we had a nice chat with them on how veggies are grown and so on.

Local veg vendord on roadside, Ananthagiri hills
Local veg vendor on roadside, Ananthagiri hills

Where to stay:

Not many stay options in Ananthagiri hills other than Haritha Resort operated Telangana Tourism Development Corporation. Further, there are small cottages available near to the temple.


Food is available only at Haritha resort. It is a good option to pack lunch and have it there. Carrying a mat/big blanket helps to sit on the ground and enjoy group lunch. Coming to the local food, on the way to Ananthagiri hills, roasted corn, boiled corn and seasonal fruits are available.

Temple Visit:

Ananthagiri hills is named after the ananatha padmanabhaswamy temple located here. At the entrance of temple, big statues of Hanuman and Garudan are located. It is small temple and just take 5 min to enter inside. Temple premises are cleanly maintained.

Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad
Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad


Long walk, bicycle rides in the green valleys are memorable experiences. Bicycles are available on rent basis. Further, can take a long drive to Kotipally reservoir / Nagasamudram lake which is 20KM away from Anantagiri Hills.

Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad
Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad
Tourists cars parked, Ananthagirihills
Tourists cars parked, Ananthagiri hills

Trekking is another major attractions here.

More than visiting any other places, this trip is meant for spending few hours of a day close to nature, greenery and hills.

Kids attractions:

  1. Kids enjoy bicycle rides in the hills.
  2. As the area to play is vast, kids enjoy running, playing around.


  1. It is a good idea to pack lunch and have it there.
  2. Carry a mat/big blanket to sit and relax on the ground.